Dogs speak to those who know how to listen. ~ Orhan Pamuk

Why Adopt rather than Purchase a Pet?

Known Personality

When you adopt an adult pet, they are finished with the chewy puppy stage and their personality and energy level is more apparent so you can see if they will be a fit for your family and lifestyle.  Many are also already housetrained and know the basics of “sit” or “stay.”

Good Care

Friendsville Scholarship Pets are already spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and more, saving you veterinary expenses you would otherwise have to pay if purchasing a pet. Also, because they are at the Center for a while, we get to know them; start them on a good diet; establish a grooming routine; and get them used to a consistent schedule.

Ambassador for Change

By adopting, you save two lives – the pet you adopt and the next one we will be able to rescue because we have space. By telling everyone you obtained your pet from The Animal Protectorates – a nonprofit rescue organization – you encourage others to adopt which weakens the cycle of pet overpopulation and the number of pets euthanized every year simply because there is not a home for them.

Lifetime Connection

The Animal Protectorates gives every animal coming into our care a Purple Collar Promise to always there for the them throughout their lifetime. We are their safety net to insure they never have to be in the shelter system again. We are also a resource for you during the pet’s lifetime if you have questions or need support.

What is a Friendsville Scholarship Pet?

Find out more about our Friendsville Scholarship Pet program and how we are Transforming A Pet’s Story.

Friendsville Scholarship Pets for Adoption


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