No heart loves like that of a faithful old friend.

Social Security Pet

Frequently, senior pets are taken to the shelter by family members after someone has died or when a senior owner is unable to care for them any longer.  But sometimes, people just don’t want to deal with the hassle of a senior pet who may have become incontinent or isn’t as agile as they used to be.  Sometimes people just don’t have the money to care for older pets, especially if they have developed serious medical conditions – which unfortunately isn’t communicated to the shelter when they are surrendered.

The reality is that the outcome for senior pets who are thrust into the shelter system is grim.  When people adopt a pet, they don’t want to immediately spend money on veterinary bills for bloodwork, dental procedures or anything else that are common expenses associated with having a senior pet.

The Animal Protectorates’ Social Security Pet Program is all about giving senior pets or those with a terminal illness the opportunity to live out the remainder of their lives (however long that may be) in a loving home.

In the Social Security Pet Program, the foster family pays for food, toys, grooming, boarding and normal expenses, but we pay for the veterinary care (with our veterinarian) needed to take care of the pet until it’s time to say goodbye.

This program is not only good for the senior pet, but also for senior people who need structure to their day; want the companionship of a pet but are on a fixed income; or for people who just have a heart for senior pets.

If you would like to become a Social Security Pet foster, please complete a foster application as a first step.