Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Create a Fundraiser

Matching Donation Challenge

Matching donation challenges help donor gifts go even further.  The way it works is that a donor pledges a significant amount of money to a fundraising campaign and for every dollar The Animal Protectorates raises in a certain amount of time, the donor will match it up to the pledged amount – either dollar for dollar or at a certain percentage.   You can participate by either being the donor or finding a company (or individual) to donate – then we’ll set up the challenge through our social media channels.

Facebook Fundraising

Facebook is an easy way to raise money for orphaned pets especially around your birthday time (because Facebook usually sets the birthday ones up for you).  But any time of year, on any new post, if you click Add to your post you will see the button for Raise money.  Then just search for The Animal Protectorates in the section to search for a nonprofit to support and look for our purple and orange TAPS shield. We are approved to receive donations through Facebook and Paypal Giving Fund.

Social Event Clothing/Decor Drive

We are always seeking designer clothing and home décor items for Saving Spot boutique.  If you have a social event, birthday, anniversary or even wedding, ask everyone to bring an item from their closet or home to donate.  This is a great thing to mention for “in lieu of” gifts as well.

Home Hosted Shopping Parties

When you are asked to host a jewelry, clothing, candle or homeware party ask the sales representative to donate a portion of their proceeds to The Animal Protectorates.  Mentioning that shopping helps a great cause is a way to get more people to attend and increase sales.   We have one of our supporters who hosts jewelry parties through Touchstone Crystal and has raised

Restaurant Fundraising

Many restaurants have fundraising platforms where you pick a specific date and anyone who mentions The Animal Protectorates on that day at check-out or when ordering online will have a percentage of their bill donated to help our orphaned pets.  Ask your favorite restaurant if they participate in these types of events!  Here are a few examples:




Sell things on Poshmark or Ebay

You can always bring your things to Saving Spot, but if you the thrill of online selling, you can sell for charity on Poshmark and Ebay and donate the proceeds or a portion of the proceeds to The Animal Protectorates.