Homeward Bound – figuring it out together.

Our biggest capital campaign is a brick and mortar campaign to build the first of its kind space for dogs coming into a rescue organization from the shelter – a Homing Dorm™.

When dogs come from the shelter, we generally have no information about their background. Are they scared to walk through doors? Are they housetrained? Do they jump on furniture? Do they counter-surf (try to get food or other items off a counter)? Do they dart out doors? Do they have separation anxiety? Can they exist in a home with another pet? There are so many unknowns.

Our vision of the Homing Dorm™ is a comprehensive space that provides the Scholarship Pets with their own living quarters designed to help us get to know them and their inclinations so we can find the appropriate home; a training room where volunteers can work with them (no matter what the weather is like outside); a living room/kitchen area so volunteers can hang out with them and watch movies (especially rewarding for pets who are with us long term); and, an aquatics area where we can help the Scholarship Pets build confidence through swimming along with giving senior dogs and the Beautiful Dogs® the opportunity for low-impact rehabilitation.

Please help orphaned pets have the best chance at success in a new home by contributing to the Homing Dorm™ Campaign.