You can’t change a dog’s past, but you can rewrite the future. ~ Agnes Carass

Pets give of themselves unconditionally – there are no pretenses – no agendas – they show who they are.  They give us love and attention – they care for us.  They are able to touch our hearts in a way few things can.  They are truly our best friends and part of our families.  So naturally when we see them suffering – we want to help them.

At Friendsville Animal Center – which is like Disneyland for dogs, we have 8 donated spaces for our Scholarship Pet program.  We call it Scholarship Pets because the pets who come here get free room, board and care like a Scholarship to school.  At Friendsville, we give them medical care; groom them; get to know them; volunteers spend time working with them on basic behaviors; and they stay – until we find a matched family (for however long it takes).


Where do the dogs come from?

The majority of animals coming into the program are from high intake shelters where their lives are at risk   We assess pets coming into the program looking for a good solid temperament.  We also seek those who may need specialized medical care  – like dental treatments for older pets, those who need amputations, etc…situations where the dog is great but can’t get out of the shelter because they need surgery – something people adopting don’t want to spend money on right away.

What is a matched family?

A family may be perfect in every way – but not perfect for a specific pet.   Because we treat these orphaned pets like our own –  suddenly left alone in the world – our goal is to find them a home as close to the Center as possible where they will be safe and thrive – with the lowest amount of stress possible.  And until we find that home – they have a home at Friendsville.