Doing more than you have to because you want to, in a cause you consider good. ~ Ivan Scheier


The Animal Protectorates would not exist without generous and dedicated volunteers.   Our organization’s workforce is 100% volunteers.

At its very essence, volunteering is giving your time to help for free.  Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart (Elizabeth Andrew).  Your work matters to orphaned pets in a million tiny ways.

We hope that volunteering with The Animal Protectorates fulfills you; offers mental stimulation; validation; and a chance to experience opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Opportunities with The Animal Protectorates

Saving Spot volunteers meet during the week to price inventory; organize the store; and create marketing strategies to maximize profits.  Volunteers also take photos and write descriptions of merchandise to sell online and manage the sales process from listing to delivery to the post office.

When donors want to give large items, our Saving Spot volunteers coordinate a team and pick-up the items from the donor’s home.

On open days (the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 10a-4p), customer service volunteers greet shoppers, tell them about our mission and help them discover all of the wonderful items for sale.

Minimum volunteer age is 18.

After an interview and orientation, the Pet Enrichment Team works hands on with the Scholarship Pets and Beautiful Dogs at Friendsville Animal Center.  Our volunteer trainer will instruct you on the goals for on-site enrichment time including basic communication with the dogs and play time.

Exposure to outside places is also needed as we get to learn about our new Scholarship Pets and how they interact outside of the Center.  Experienced volunteers take them on short outings to public places.

Minimum volunteer age is 21.

Our Beautiful Dogs need outings outside of the Center – to explore, have a change of scenery and interact with the public.  Experienced volunteers take them on short outings to public places; quite places to give them devoted attention; or to their homes where they can watch a move or just hang out.

Minimum volunteer age is 21.

The adoption team responds to inquiries about Friendsville Scholarship Pets for adoption; reviews adoption applications; coordinates meet and greets; conducts home visits (within 25 miles); and, finalizes placement selection and adoption paperwork.

Minimum volunteer age is 21.

Transporting newly rescued Scholarship Pets from the shelter to Friendsville Animal Center can be an emotional process – realizing you have literally just transformed that pet’s story.  We also need help transporting to and from veterinarian appointments for pre-op visits and post-op pickup.

Our Purple Collar Promise sometimes makes it necessary to travel further away to reclaim one of our pets who has ended up at a shelter (with no one coming to get them) or to receive a pet back from owners who can no longer keep them.  The transportation team also assists in these situations.

Minimum volunteer age is 21.

Our event team organizes everything from coordinating a spay or neuter surgery of a grant recipient to free microchip events for the community to major donor banquets.

Minimum volunteer age is 21.

From running a lemonade stand to sending thank-you notes to researching grants and brainstorming on creative ways to raise money, the fundraising team focuses on getting the resources we need to run our programs.

No minimum volunteer age

The 14 Day Foster team receives newly rescued Scholarship Pets from the shelter and commits to keeping them for a short-term.

Minimum volunteer age is 21.

Social Security Pet fosters provide hospice pets a safe and quiet place to live out the remainder of their lives.  We provide food and veterinary care.

Minimum volunteer age is 21.