Many hands make light work.

Microchips Are Useless (Unless They Are Registered)

We found Iris at a local shelter.  This beautiful sweet dog appeared well taken care of and loved.  Who could not be searching the world for her?  Maybe someone was travelling through our area and she got out of the car and got lost?  [...]

Picky for our Pets – it’s our Mission

People sometimes don’t understand why The Animal Protectorates has such an in-depth adoption process – it’s just an animal, right?  No, not to us.  Not to our mission. The Animal Protectorates is a rescue organization whose mission is to care for orphaned pets as [...]

Saving Social Security [pets] and providing them Medical Care

Social Security was designed to collect income from employed workers in order to pay retired workers a continuing income after retirement.  Shouldn’t our beloved pets get the same?  They should.  Their social security deposits just look a little different than a withdrawal from a [...]

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