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Microchipping Events

Microchip Events 

Pets can’t talk.  So what happens when they get lost or stolen?

While you should definitely have a collar with identification tags for your pet, they are easily removed or can get caught and come off.   Microchipping your pet is permanent and gives them the best chance of being identified and reunited with you.  They are never too young to microchip!  Pets go missing at all ages.

While microchips are not GPS tracking devices, they are transponders.  When a lost pet is taken to a veterinarian or shelter, a scanner is passed over their body that will detect if a microchip is present.  If so, the microchip transmits an identification number which displays on the screen of the scanner.

If the microchip has been registered, the identification number can be traced back to you when the shelter or veterinarian contacts the microchip registry company (which is why you must register the microchip and update your contact information anytime it changes – especially if you move).

At our microchipping events, we always offer free microchipping and registration to City of Friendsville residents.  We additionally provide free microchipping to specific designated zip codes in surrounding communities – which we alternate and announce prior to the date of the event. 

(Participants must provide identification and a current water bill in their name.) 

If you would like to be contacted about the next microchipping event, contact us and let us know what zip code you live in.

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