Many groups have recently turned to “open adoptions.” Those aren’t really different from the shelter system, where anyone coming in with a driver’s license can adopt. That may produce a higher number of adoptions, but it’s not what Operation Adopt is about. In fact, we’re proud not to cater to immediate gratification. We focus only on quality placements, in long term homes, for people who understand and support our vision.

We don’t come for decorating ideas or to judge what color your couch and chair are.  We are purely looking at the safety of your environment for this animal.  A home visit is also evidence of a truthful application.

Our animal shelters are overflowing because of human behavior.  Our application process helps to break the cycle and keeps our animals from being abandoned or returned. It is worth our time and effort to find the best homes possible for our pets.  If on your application you state you don’t smoke and we arrive for the home visit to a home that smells like smoke we will not adopt our animal to you.   If we search the title of your property and find your are not the owner, we will not proceed with the adoption.  We are looking for honest responsible adopters.