Who Watches Over You?

The world is changing quickly because of Coronavirus.  With each new day it appears more and more that anything is possible for each person.

Any of us could become sick, disabled or worse.  Even if an illness is temporary, we could well become unable to care for those who need us the most, like our pets.

We provide them with food, exercise and love.  They in turn see us as the leader of the family “pack.”  If you are unable to lead them because of an illness or an injury, they will need direction.

You can provide this direction ahead of time by writing a trust that states clearly whom you would like to care for your pets and which places money in an account to assist the caretaker.

There are some other matters to consider:

Pets like to be kept together.  They bond with one another over time and would likely become stressed if separated.  Make sure your trust requests that every effort be made to keep the pets with the same caretaker.

Choose a caretaker who knows the pets.  In a difficult situation, the pets, like any human, will need security and will find security with familiarity.

Designate several caretakers in case your first choice is not available.  You may write out a list of people who would be called in succession if need be.

We can hope that such a plan will never become necessary but it is best to be prepared to make sure someone watches over the family.  Your pets will love you for it.

By Dean Hartwell (TAPS Volunteer)