We rescued an adorable 10 pound little 4-year-old pup from a high kill shelter in Los Angeles in May, 2018. We could make a contest on determining his breed.   His face looks like a dachshund, his bat ears look chihuahua and his coloring looks like a beagle.

So, to say the least he is one adorable little guy.

In the beginning, Jordan kept to himself and did not attract many adopters at Operation Adopt in Burbank. We asked one of our most devoted fosters to take him home so he could become more socialized. One day she noticed that his eyes were cloudy. We took him to our vet where a variety of tests were done. Thankfully, the vet found no health issues. Sadly, though Jordan had developed juvenile cataracts and was going blind and needed cataract surgery and resources are often limited.

Jordan’s luck changed when two knights in shining armor walked in Operation Adopt.

This couple had adopted a dog from us before and were looking to adopt another best-friend.  After they met our dogs that were available for adoption they inquired about Jordan. It was explained that he wasn’t ready for adoption yet as we’re trying to figure out a way to help him with his eyesight and overcome his shyness. The couple left to discuss things and returned 10 minutes later.

They chose the dog they wanted to adopt and then said “we want to sponsor Jordan’s surgery.” This lovely couple wrote a check for one half of the surgery and the other half was matched from Disney who was one of the owner’s employers. Many corporations match their employee’s donations to 501C3 organizations. We were all so happy for this sweet boy and elated beyond words.

Jordan had bilateral cataract surgery by Dr. Kristin Fahrer in Culver City.  His eyes are clear and healing. He just had his third post-op appointment and doing great. He is such a different pup than the one we rescued over a year ago. He loves to play with other dogs, he loves people and wants to be in your lap.  He is happy, happy, happy boy and ready for the next chapter in his life.  We are so grateful to the foster who taught him life is good, humans are good and to those wonderful and generous two men that made all this happen for our dear sweet Jordan.  Jordan waited patiently and boom he got his forever home.

Jordan hit the doggie home jackpot is in his new home with 2 parents and a sibling that have nothing but love for Jordan! It’s all blue skies from here on out!


By Bonnie Herscher

TAPS Volunteer foster coordinator